UNCTAD/ASYREC - Saves time, Saves funds, Saves lives

12 May 2020
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ASYREC Meets the Need for Swift Processing of Humanitarian Aid in Crisis Situation


To answer life-saving emergencies, UNCTAD and OCHA have partnered to develop a dedicated solution fully integrated with the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) which is already deployed in over 100 countries, and compatible with any other international standards compliant automated customs systems. Its main objective is the facilitation and expedited processing of international relief in case of humanitarian crisis, natural disaster or complex emergencies. The Automated System for Relief Emergency Consignments (ASYREC) provides for coordinated, efficient, and facilitated imports of humanitarian relief. This is a tool of utmost importance for the humanitarian aid coordination mechanism, the Global Logistics Cluster, to ensure that the humanitarian response to an emergency crisis proves logistically Meets the Need for Swift Processing of Humanitarian Aid in Crisis situation Saves time, Saves funds, Saves lives efficient and effective. The ultimate objective being to save lives.


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