Key international commercial law implications

Advice to address some of the key legal implications of COVID-19 for commercial contracts (Carriage of goods by sea and multimodal transport; International Sale of Goods on shipment terms)


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COVID-19 and International Sale of Goods: Contractual devices for commercial risk allocation and loss prevention

The impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related response measures have resulted in significant operational disruptions and delays across global networks, with important implications for the performance of international commercial contracts.

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Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for commercial contracts covering the transportation of goods in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond

With a view to increase awareness of Government officials and transport operators in Asia and the Pacific region on the ways of addressing some of the key legal implications of COVID-19 for commercial contracts covering transport of goods and to assist shippers and consignees, particularly in developing countries in addressing some of the key commercial law implications of the COVID-19 crisis, the UNESCAP secretariat conducted research and preliminary analysis of the challenges arising from the COVID-19 crisis affecting international commercial contracts, including contracts on international  carriage of goods by various modes of transport, focusing particularly on land and multimodal transport.

COVID-19 implications on commercial contracts