Key international commercial law implications

Advice to address some of the key legal implications of COVID-19 for commercial contracts (Carriage of goods by sea and multimodal transport; International Sale of Goods on shipment terms)


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COVID-19 implications for commercial contracts: International sale of goods on CIF and FOB terms

The ability to trade globally, through a seamless logistic network, moving goods across international boundaries, integrating engineering and technology from different parts of the world has been a fundamental element of the globalized trading system. Raw commodities travelling from one part of the world to be converted into plastic or metal components only to be shipped again to be manufactured and then again for assembling and distribution is something which traders and consumers alike take for granted.


COVID-19 implications for commercial contracts: Carriage of goods by sea and related cargo claims

The smooth flow of international trade depends entirely on the transport chain: adequate and timely supplies to manufacturers and efficient capillary distribution chains are essential ingredients of any successful business model.



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