National TF Committees coordination: best practices in times of crisis and epidemic


Online Course on Enhancing Trade Information Portals

Trade information portals (TIPs), sometimes also called National Trade Portals/Repositories (NTP/Rs), are websites where one can obtain information on laws, regulations and procedures that need to be followed when engaging in international trade. The information and services provided through TIPs have the potential to enhance regulatory transparency and greatly facilitate trade. While many countries already have some forms of TIPs, ensuring their effectiveness and sustainability often remains a challenge. The objective of this online course on enhancing TIPs is to provide a framework and guidelines for assessing the as-is conditions of a TIP and generating recommendations for its improvement.


Guide to enhancing Trade Information Portals

The Guide to enhancing Trade Information Portals proposes a governance framework and guidelines that can be used as an assessment and improvement roadmap, especially for assessing the current or as-is conditions of an existing Trade Information Portals (TIPs), and then generating recommendations for further enhancing its quality and impacts. The readers of this guide will learn how to evaluate and generate recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness and the sustainability of TIPs.

Readers of the Guide are recommended to take the online course on enhancing Trade Information Portals (TIPs). The online course is available HERE.