11th International Seminar on Trade and Transport Facilitation “Digital transformation of multimodal transport using the UN/CEFACT reference data model”

26 - 28 May 2021
Virtual Modality

The seminar will build on the ten years of work, notably, the results of the two previous seminars on trade facilitation and multimodal data exchange, covering trade, transport and logistics in the region: the Black Sea - Baltic Sea digital transport corridor with possible extension in the direction of the Republic of Moldova and the countries of the South Caucasus and the Black Sea. :

The Seminar will take place in three days and will discuss such issues as:

1.Data sharing for documents of different modes of transport:

  • Concept of the multimodal data exchange initiative (UNECE representative)
  • High-level segments (with statements from the European Commission, the UNECE Transport Division, IMO, ICAO, OSJD, CIT, FIATA and others)
  • Progress in the development of a set of standards in compliance with the UN/CEFACT data reference models for the digital transformation of data and document exchange in multimodal transport (UNECE consultants and UN/CEFACT experts)
  • Discussion

2. Progress in the implementation of the concept and pilot projects:

  • Advancing the digitization of electronic documents and their compliance with the UN/CEFACT Multimodal Transport Reference Data Model (representatives of FIATA and UN/CEFACT)
  • Progress in the implementation of the set of standards in pilot projects for multimodal transport along the under the UN Development Account project)
  • Presentations from the European Commission on potential synergies with the implementation pilot projects;
  • Discussion on electronic data sharing based on the principles of interoperability and integration of data exchange in different modes of transport
  • Statements by representatives of the countries regarding their objectives and demands for the digitalization and standardization of multimodal transport corridors
  • Possible further projects and extension to new countries

3. Using the digitalization and interoperability standards for:

  • Operation of port community systems and Single Window facilities
  • Submission of information to regulatory agencies, as per UNECE and UN/CEFACT Recommendations 33-37, the European Union’s electronic Freight Transport Information Regulation (eFTI), European Maritime Single Window environment (EMSWe) and European Union Customs Single Window (EU CSW) concept
  • Invited panellists include representatives of the European Commission, the International Association of Port Community Systems (IPCSA), and others.

4. Concluding session and recommendations on the participation of regulatory agencies, international organizations, development partners and the business community in this initiative.

How to register:

Please register at the following site : https://ittw.in.ua/unece2021. After they register, participants will receive responses containing the links to the ZOOM webinar.   

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