Air Cargo Digitalization in COVID-19 Times: ‘’Multimodal Perspectives Using UN Solutions’’

21 April 2021
13:00 - 16:30 hrs.,  UNCTAD: UTC +1
Virtual Modality

Webinar co-organized by ICAO and UNECE on the digitalization of Air Cargo in times of COVID-19.

In order to participate in the ICAO-UNECE Air Cargo Digitalization Webinar on 21 April 2021, please register by sending a message to ICAO at [email protected] (Ms. Florence Benjamin)

Please mention in your e-mail that you want to register to the AIR Cargo Digitalization webinar with the reference (FEB/BFE), and include your Name, organization, position/title, e-mail and telephone. 

Agenda (English)

Agenda (Russian)