Second Regional Meeting of National Trade Facilitation Committees in Central Asia

03 - 04 November 2020
Central Asia

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) are organizing a regional meeting to support regional cooperation among the National Trade Facilitation Committees in Central Asia, held online on 3-4 November 2020.

In  February  2019  GIZ  organized  a  regional  meeting  of  National  Trade  Facilitation  Committees  (NTFCs)  from  Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan  and  Uzbekistan.  The  meeting  provided  an  opportunity  to  present  the  national  trade  facilitation  implementation  plans.  For  two  days  representatives  of  the  committees shared their  respective  trade  facilitation  objectives  and  implementation  plans  and  discussed  technical  aspects  and  experiences, namely in the area of monitoring of border crossing times, trade information portals and transit simplification. Participants expressed their interest in continuing this information exchange between NTFС.  

The regional GIZ project “Trade Facilitation in Central Asia” is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for  Economic  Cooperation  and  Development  (BMZ)  and  implemented  in  four  Central  Asian  countries:  Kazakhstan,   Kyrgyzstan,   Tajikistan   and   Uzbekistan.   The   main   objective   of   the   project   is   to   improve   implementation  of  trade  facilitation  measures  in  the  region  by  providing  technical  assistance  on  how  to  make  border  crossing  and  transit  faster,  more  efficient  and  transparent.  The  project  is  implemented  in  cooperation  with  national  ministries  responsible  for  trade  policy,  customs  authorities  and  border  control  agencies, as well as business associations.  The regional GIZ project “Trade facilitation in Central Asia” (TFCA)supports   regional  consultation  and  coordination  mechanisms  and  national  trade  facilitation  committees  /  working groups in the four countries.

UNECE  has  supported  the  establishment  and  functioning  of  National  Trade  Facilitation  Committees  since  1970,  when  the  first version  of  UNECE’s  Recommendation  4  was  adopted.  For  decades  national  trade  facilitation  bodies  have  represented  their  countries  in  the  work  of  UNECE  and  its  subsidiary  body  -  the  UN  Centre  for  Trade  Facilitation  and  Electronic  Business  (UN/CEFACT)  on  the  facilitation  of  international  trade  procedures. UNECE has provided advisory services on the establishment and functioning of trade facilitation for  the  transition  economies,  including  in  the  countries  of  the  region  (Azerbaijan,  Kazakhstan).  It  provided  substantial  support  for  the  regional  network  of  national  trade  facilitation  bodies  in  Southeastern  Europe  SECIPRO.


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