CA Transport Infrastructure and Perspectives on Development of Electronic Document Equivalents, Data Structures and Data Exchange

01 December 2021
Short description

This Report serves as a preparation to the research of trade and transport corridors going though the Central Asia and establishes the necessity of digitalization of multimodal transport data as well as exchange of documents along those corridors through the use of UN & UN/CEFACT standards.

This Project is the joint initiative of the UNECE and the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The relevance of this project is the current common interest of all the countries in the region to jointly develop the transport links.

The objective of this project is the development of electronic document equivalents for several key documents accompanying goods that are being transported by rail, e.g. SMGS rail consignment note and/or CIM/SMGS consignment note; road consignment note, river waybill, air waybill as well as preparing the basis of the further active involvement of the Central Asian countries in this process.

Conslusions of this project can play an important role in the establishment of a common vision at the level of region and formulation of common proposals regarding the development of transport links in the Central Asia and the further enhancement of the transport related policies of the CA countries.

Output / Results

Report of the project


Asia and the Pacific Region




Electronic trade and transport documents and data