Data mapping between selected business documents used in multimodal data and document exchange and regulatory information systems, such as Single Window and Customs systems

10 October 2022
Short description

During this consultancy project, the Consultant analyzed the data requirements in a sample transport document aligned to the UN/CEFACT Multimodal Transport Reference Data Model (MMT RDM), the European Union Customs Data Model (EUCDM) and the WCO Data Model. The objective was to produce data mapping between these instruments, with a view to propose practical solution for using in regulatory information systems (such as regulatory Single Window, Customs systems) the information in the package of standards for the digitalization of multimodal transport data and document exchange.


The knowledge collected in this project will be used in both practical pilot projects for the implementation of the UN/CEFACT standards and the future work on data pipelines. It also makes contribution to the harmonization and standardization of data exchange in international transport, trade and logistics to encourage electronic data exchange in building back better after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Electronic trade and transport documents and data