Asia Pacific Region

The COVID-19 Pandemic calls for a multi-sectoral response in Asia and the Pacific to protect people and enhance resilience, support economic recovery and restore supply chains and support SMEs. Shipping and ports are a major part of such a response. For most countries in Asia and the Pacific, shipping represents a doorway to global economy. In many cases, especially in SIDS, shipping is a lifeline linking local communities to the regional and global markets and sustaining local social and economic development. Continued and efficient shipping and port operations are, therefore, crucial both for short term policy response to the Pandemic and for speedy and sustainable recovery.


The Model Subregional Agreement on Transport Facilitation

The Model Subregional Agreement on Transport Facilitation has been elaborated on the basis of findings of comparative studies between major subregional agreements on transport facilitation to which various ESCAP member States are parties, conducted in 2014-2015. It has been subsequently reviewed by two regional expert meetings held in 2015 and finalized with incorporation of ESCAP member States’ comments.   


ITF Southeast Asia Transport Outlook

This report provides scenarios for future transport demand and CO2 emissions in Southeast Asia up to 2050 to help decision-makers chart pathways to sustainable, resilient transport. The scenarios reflect existing policy initiatives and specific constraints in the region. They also examine the potential impact of policies addressing the challenges and opportunities for transport from Covid-19.