Dnieper – Danube Corridor Pilot Dataset Alignment to International Standards and Data Models and Documents Implementation Prototypes for Use in Eastern Europe

06 April 2021
Short description

Fulfilling the recommendations of the 2019 and 2020 UNECE “Odessa” seminars to support the development of digital multimodal transport corridors, with a view to increasing the harmonization and standardization of data exchange in international transport, trade and logistics to encourage electronic data exchange and thereby to reduce person-to-person contacts during the COVID-19 crisis and in the post-pandemic recovery, using relevant UN/CEFACT standards, a pilot project under the overall UN Development Account project “Transport and Trade Connectivity in the Age of Pandemic: United Nations solutions for contactless, seamless and collaborative transport and trade produced the following results:

  • Analysis of data and documents transported via the Dnieper – Danube route (as a pilot implementation project);
  • Development of electronic document equivalents for Inland Water Transport using DAVID forms (developed by the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Priority Areas 1a and 11, in a cooperation that has been going on since 2013);
  • Analysis of the feasibility of using API in this corridor;
  • Test for interoperability.

The aim is to foster the harmonization of electronic data sharing using global (UN/CEFACT) standards for transport, trade and logistics, and to prepare standards for e-documents based on the UN/CEFACT semantic standards and reference data models. The focus will be on the development of electronic document equivalents for the documents mentioned above, using UN/CEFACT tools in the countries developing a digital multimodal transport corridor.

List of Annexes

Annex I. Original documents, used for mappings and conversions

  1. Real documents (Ukraine)
    1. General Declaration
    2. Crew List
    3. Crew's Effects Declaration
    4. Cargo Declaration
    5. Ship's stores declaration
  2. DAVID forms (approved in Ukraine)
    1. Arrival and departure report
    2. Crew list
    3. Passenger list

Annex II. Results of the mapping

  1. MMT RDM – Real Documents (Ukraine)
  2. MMT RDM – DAVID Forms (approved in Ukraine)

Annex III. XML document examples (after download change extension from .txt to .xml to use)

MMT RDM – Real Documents (Ukraine)

Annex IV. Results of documents conversions

  1. Real Document (General Declaration) – DAVID (Arrival and departure report)
  2. Real Document (Crew List) - DAVID (Crew List)

Output / Results

Report of the project






Electronic trade and transport documents and data