Reconciling a Standardized Dataset with international standards and data models, development of schemas for electronic equivalents of railway carriage documents SMGS, CIM/SMGS and CIM in XML and JSON formats

05 August 2022
Short description

The current project has been initiated with the main objectives to support the development of digital multimodal transport corridors, increase the harmonization and standardization of data exchange in international transport and logistics, encourage electronic data exchange and thus to reduce people-to-people contacts during the COVID-19 crisis and in the post-pandemic recovery by using the relevant standards and Multimodal Reference Data Model (MMT RDM) of the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT).

Russian version available here.

This report covers the following main tasks and outputs:

  1. Analysis of international trade flows passing through the Republic of Belarus, considering the use of SMGS consignment notes, CIM/SMGS and CIM consignment notes.
  2. Analysis of digital interaction of participants in international freight rail and multimodal transport, including pilot projects of the EU and the EAEU.
  3. Justification of the possibility and necessity of using the UN/CEFACT standard in international rail and multimodal transport.
  4. Comparison of basic railway documents with the Multi-Modal Transport Reference Data Model (MMT-RDM).
  5. Development of schemas of electronic equivalents of railway documents in xml and json formats.

Based on the conducted research, conclusions were drafted about the problems of direct conversion of shipping documents of different types of transport in international multimodal transportation. Options for solving these problems by freight forwarders in the framework of pilot projects are proposed. The roles and integration functions of freight forwarders in international multimodal freight transportation have been defined. Proposals have been developed to improve the Kaliningrad Transit pilot project, as well as the Zubr and Viking projects between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, with extension to the GUAM  and TRACECA  routes.

List of Annexes

Annex 1. Railway documents

Annex 2. CIM/SMGS Mapping

Annex 3. SMGS Mapping

Annex 4. CIM Mapping

Annex 5. Railway documents' data elements not mapped to UN/CEFACT MMT RDM

Annex 6. CIM.JSON (after download delete "_.txt" extension to use the file)

Annex 7. CIM.XML (after download delete "_.txt" extension to use the file)

Annex 8. CIM/SMGS.JSON (after download delete "_.txt" extension to use the file)

Annex 9. CIM/SMGS.XML (after download delete "_.txt" extension to use the file)

Annex 10. SMGS.JSON (after download delete "_.txt" extension to use the file)

Annex 11. SMGS.XML (after download delete "_.txt" extension to use the file)

Annex 12. IFTMIN mapping

Annex 13. Presentation

Annex 14. Commentary on the Annex 13. Presentation

Output / Results

Report of the project






Electronic trade and transport documents and data